Naish Hill


Location:  south-southeast of Chippenham in Wiltshire

OS map reference:  ST 935 694

Celtic name: probably Verlucion

Source:  Antonine Itinerary (Iter XIV) – Verlucione


This is a promontory fort bounded by steep slopes to the north, west and south, the fort standing on a slope rising more gently towards the higher ground to the east and southeast.

Verlucion is a compound name comprising the generic term Ver, meaning “side, slope of a hill” and a qualifying element luc meaning “hill steep”. The name thus seems entirely appropriate for the site. The name indicates that the fort had been occupied by an l-people, presumably the Durotriges, but was taken over by an r-people, apparently the Dobunni

The Romans transferred the name of the fort to the new fort/posting-station/settlement which they built at Sandy Lane, some three and a half kilometres to the ESE of the fort. The OS maps appear to indicate that the Naish Hill fort is the Iron-Age fort which is nearest to Sandy Lane.