Romano-British Place-Names and River-Names

in the

Ravenna Cosmography and the Geography of Ptolemy


by D. Glendinning












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Part A




Chapter 1:  Building-blocks of Romano-British place-names and river-names


Chapter 2:  Old-style, transitional and inversion-type place-names; Banna and Ventacategories of place-names and river-names


Chapter 3:  Isca-type names


Chapter 4:  Place-names with an essa-type ending


Chapter 5:  The river-name Alavna


Chapter 6:  The Magnis names


Chapter 7:  The name Arbeia


Chapter 8:  The Trajanic frontier between Tyne and Solway


Chapter 9:  The Ilam pan


Chapter 10:  Giano to Alavna Colonea(s)Roman place-names in southwest England


Chapter 11:  (S)aranus to Navimago Regentium; Roman place-names in central southern England


Chapter 12:  Leucomago to SalinisFrom the Thames valley to South Wales and the west of England


Chapter 13:  Cironium to SandonioFrom Cirencester to the river Trent via Dover and Caernarfon


Chapter 14:  Deva Victrix to BannovalumSandon and Leicester, nodal points of the Midlands


Chapter 15:  Navione to AlavnaRoman place-names in the North of England


Chapter 16:  Olcaclavis to VoranRoman place-names in Scotland


Chapter 17:  The Roman invasion of Scotland – what the place-names tell us 


Chapter 18:  Errors in the Geography of Ptolemy


Chapter 19:  The rivers of Roman Britain


Chapter 20: Rome's frontiers in northern England


Chapter 21: Bronze Age and Iron Age structures in Romano-British place-names


Chapter 22: The Antonine Wall


Chapter 23: Celtic place-names and Iron-Age coins


Chapter 24: Summary and conclusions


Chapter 25: Appendix 1: The VotadiniSelgovae and Novantae


Chapter 26: Appendix 2: Place-names with a Bindo or Vindo element


Chapter 27: Appendix 3: Celtic tribal names explained





- compound names of the Uxela, Iscalis, Loxa type

- Manduesedo and like names

- Petinesca, Carcasso, Camulosessa and like names



Part B


Alphabetical list of Romano-British place-names


Changes in names over time/Comments on the alphabetical list of Romano-British place-names



Part C


The Celtic names of hill-forts



Part D


Ptolemy's Celtic tribes in Britain



Part E


The Celtic "Picts"



Part F


The Boresti and Mons Graupius